Sitting here clutching my warm coffee, hoping the bitter chill of the morning doesn't hit my bones. The new winter jacket I got for Christmas should help, I hope. I do not like winter. I like snow around the holidays for the look but otherwise I could do without it. I don't like having to bundle up, I don't like having to go outside. I want to stay in my bed and clutch my coffee all winter, there's only what only two or three more months left.

I don't ski, I don't skate and I don't toboggan. My kids do though and as much as I loath the season, the mom in me has to embrace it. The smiles on my kids faces when fresh snow blankets our yard makes me smile. The simple joy of them wanting to go out and jump in the stuff is priceless. I think that is the part I like best about winter.

When I was little we did all the things my kids love to do and the cold never bothered us. It could have been from the hand-knit hats, mitts and scarf sets we wore or maybe it was just forgetting about the temperature and focusing on what was important, having winter fun. Plus we got to come in the warm house to some yummy hot chocolate and cartoons on TV. 

I do admit though once we forget about the chill, snow angels are super fun to make. We like to have snowman making contests, I think that is a great idea for our next big sticky snowfall. 

The community rink opened up just before Christmas, the cold snap we had helped quicken the process. It was so cold I showed the kids that "turn hot water into snow or steam by throwing it up in -30 temperatures" trick and it worked like a charm. They were amazed. Last year and the year before it wasn't nearly as cold I think because the rink was up late and down early. 

This year they created a bigger, second rink beside the one with the side guards for those who don't play hockey and want to enjoy some local skating. We have not been yet because we spent the entire Christmas break sick with a bad cold but we intend to take the kids a few times at least before winters end. 

We like taking the kids to a great sliding hill we have been taking our oldest to every winter since she was capable of bracing herself on a sled. It's fun for them, work for us having to drag the sled (and them) back up the big hill but everyone comes home happy and ready for a good sleep. It's only a bus ride away and there is usually a pretty good group of kids and parents there, it's a place for families to get out and enjoy their city. 

Speaking of our city, Winterlude is opening up in Ottawa starting January 31st, I would like to make it this year. Winterlude is Canadian, it's been a celebration every year since I can remember. There are always lots of fun activities to do during this festival from skating on the canal to checking out local exhibits, learn skiing and skating tips, meet the Ice Hogs and more. I've always loved the ice sculptures and don't forget the Beaver Tails!

So even if we have to bundle up, get rosy cheeks and see our breaths at least we will be out and having fun as a family. That's what counts, the memories you have made and continue to make. 

I may not like winter but really, winter might not be so bad.

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  1. MMM beavertails! I love them - and they don't taste the same if not eaten outside in the cold during winterlude!

    1. We can get them year round but you are right, they don't taste the same unless you're at Winterlude! :)

    2. I will get them as a treat for the boys if we are in the market, but I much prefer them at winterlude!

  2. :) Yes, winter CAN be fun - for sure.. It's the fact it's been -40 to -50 with the windchill here.. Impossible to be outside for more than 5 min at a time. Hoping this passes and the sledding can commence :)

  3. I"m not a fan of cold weather. I grew up in Kenya. :)
    But I do love snow around the holidays.
    Since having kids I have had to learn to embrace winter and all that brings. Coldness, layers, playing in the snow, hot chocolate :)

    One year i hope to take them to Winterlude.

    However this winter I must sit out, on bed rest. Next winter will be more fun!


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