Have you noticed Google slowly taking over the internet? It started with Google Plus, now we have hangouts and recently discovered Communities. I have a Google Plus page for AME (I'm still not 100% sure how the whole circles system works), no hangouts yet but decided maybe a community would be a nice start for my readers to get updates, chat parenting and whatever else. Let's see where we can bring this! 

Motherhood Experiences - a place for moms (and dads) to come chat parenting or not, bring your own coffee. :) 

If you want in on the community, click here and request an invite. Don't worry, I only set it up this way to avoid trolls and spammers trying to ruin our fun! :) I will accept my friends, readers and so forth with no troubles. :)

If you havent' already, don't forget to like the A Motherhood Experience Facebook Fan page too which is updated regularly!

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