Random acts of kindness are simple little gestures done out of the goodness of one's heart with no alterier motive or expectations in the background. When I hear about a random act of kindness, especially an anonymous one - it makes me see a glimpse of good in a world that can be so cold. 

Lately there has been a certain picture of a statue cirulating around the internet. This isn't just any statue, it's one from downtown Ottawa and he's wearing a scarf with a note attached, a note I hope someone read and followed. This note read "I am not lost! If you're stuck out in the cold, take this scarf to keep warm!"

A completely annonymous, random and full hearted - this is one of the nicest things I (and I think a lot of us here in Ottawa) have seen from complete strangers in a long time. This group of knitters did not ask for a reward or even recognition, they just went around randomly leaving warm scarves to those who may need them the most.  In this cold, this couldn't have been a better way to show you care about your community.

I have been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness when our youngest daughter was in the NICU Christmas time, 2012. I was awaiting good or bad news regarding her condition and every baby in the NICU that day (Christmas Eve) receieved a beautiful gift bag packed with things to make everyone in the family smile and have a little more of a Merry Christmas. It brings tears to my eyes still thinking about how much that small gesture meant to us and the thing is, we never found out who it was really from. We know initials and always have the memory. I had written a Thank You blog post back then, I hope that they saw it. 

I am happy to say someone found out who the hearts behind the scarves are! The inspirational and ever so brilliant 11 year old blogger, Hannah of Call Me Hannah, had the opportunity to sit down and interview these secret angels and find out the story behind the anonymous scarves.  Please visit Hannah's Blog to read her in-depth interview about the people and ideas behind this kindness in the cold!

Stay warm! :) 

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  1. What a beautiful idea :) We had something similar going on in my city - pairs of handmade mittens hung around the core area for people needing to take :)


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