From head to toe, what we wear can empower us and make us feel good. It should be the same for whats under your clothes. Underwear isn't just underwear anymore, its what can make us feel comfortable underneath it all. 

Knix Wear are underwear for women that out preform expectations of traditional run-of-the-mill under garments. Comfortable, beautiful and technilogically state-of-the-art. Every pair of Knix Wear features Fresh Fix technology; A thin yet absorbant layer that wicks away wetness and eliminates odour, keeping you feeling fresh all day. 

Knix Wear comes in several different styles to suit your personality from Knix everyday basic to something more intimate with lace or boyshort style to power through your morning workout, there is a pair of Knix for every woman's lifestyle.

Aside from quality undergarments, Knix Wear uses REAL women - not super models or photoshop images on their website to display their underwear, you can see there are styles for everyone from the athletic to the curves - the everyday woman. 

That right there made me feel good about this company; Showing women how we really are each unique and perfectly imperfect. An important message to spread not only to women but to our next generation of women. I don't want my daughters growing up thinking the latest fashion magazine model is what they should look like. They are already perfect in every way and I am not just saying that because I am their mother. I believe that about all women. 

Now, these are not your typical underwear so they do not come with a typical price tag, they are on the bit of the expensive side when it comes to undergarments starting at $34 depending what style you like but they are gorgeous, comfortable and they work. They are the kind of underwear that let you feel like a woman underneath it all, after all plus they come in a cute little cylender container which is useful for storing. 

Maybe I shop for deals on everyday run of the mill underwear but I would make an exception for Knix Wear. It's OK to treat ourselves once in a while, ladies - we deserve it! 

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Posted on behalf of Knix Wear. Complimentary product was provided for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 

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  1. Great post, I didn't know about this company until now!

    Agreed, we do need to treat ourselves once in awhile! =)



  2. The dress had a nice fit I wore 5 inch heels with it. You were able to see my shoes a little and I still had my train in the back. The neck line is quite low too. I am an A cup so I had to get some alterations done.
    Brandy Melville


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