Cold arenas, early mornings and long hours are three things hockey parents know all too well. All the carpooling, weekend road trips, practices and games can get overwhelming for parents to juggle on top of other priorities like work and home.

I admire each and every one of you who do whatever needs to be done to help your child thrive and have fun playing their favourite sport. My son loves sports but isn't part of any organized teams just yet. 

It takes a lot to get everything organized from sign ups to buying gear and some. It takes a lot to watch them on the sidelines during their games and do whatever it takes to help them reach their goals and do something they love to do. 

The atoMc Hockey program builds on McDonald's 25 year with Hockey Canada and supports Atom teams across Canada (excluding Quebec where Bantam teams are supported). atoMc Hockey goes above and beyond standard sponsorship by providing participating teams a full set of pro-style jerseys and socks. atoMc Hockey also offers young players a unique opportunity to improve both their on-ice game skills and off-ice life skills. 

Debbie Bonhomme and Connie Doughty are long time hockey parents and moms to atoMc Hockey Ambassadors, Tessa Bonhomme and Drew Doughty  to help hockey parents stay organized and get the most out of their hockey season this year. (click on the image to get a bigger picture!)

Learn more about atoMc Hockey by visiting the official website!

Posted on behalf of McDonald's Canada and atoMc Hockey. A McDonald's gift was supplied as a thank you. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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