Do you love animals as much as we do? We have three dogs who may have become shelter dogs had we not taken them in from the owners who could no longer take care of them at the time. We do a lot for our pets from making sure they are healthy to making sure they are entertained and loved. We become more than pet owners, we become family. 

Unfortunately we hear story after story about lost, unwanted or abused animals coming in to animal shelters on a daily basis. The staff who run these shelters can only give these animals so much love and support, they really do need forever homes. Pets like dogs and cats have one goal in life and that is to love and be loved by their owners. Having three dogs myself, you can't tell me otherwise. 

I love my pets and I also love baking, that's why today I am sharing with you, a simple way you can help animals and bake up everybodys favourite sweet treat, cupcakes for National Cupcake Day! 

"Bake a difference" and celebrate the 2nd annual National Cupcake Day to benefit the Ottawa Humane Society and organizations that prevent cruelty to animals across Canada. 

Everyone is encouraged to register for free online at www.nationalcupcakeday.ca, collect donations through their "Online Bakery", bake cupcakes and host a National Cupcake Day party for their friends, family or colleagues on National Cupcake Day taking place February 24th, 2014!

Anna Olson, Celebrity Chef and host of Food Network Canada's Bake with Anna Olson, is joining the baking party this year as a Cupcake Crusader. A long-time supporter of animals and the SPCA, Olson has created a special original cupcake recipe for this year's event! Her yummy Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Frosting recipe can be found at www.nationalcupcakeday.ca

How to participate:

- Register for free on the National Cupcake Day website. 

- You will receive a FREE Cupcake Host Welcome Package in the  mail, which includes a poster, sticker, balloons, fundraising guide and recipes to get you started. 

- Personalize your National Cupcake Day Online Bakery page and send it out to everyone you know!

- Encourage family and friends to support you by donating online.

- Plan our National Cupcake Day Party at home, work, school or wherever you think people would love to eat your cupcakes! 

- Bake, decorate, eat and share delicious cupcakes to raise funds to support animals in need. 

- Collect and forward funds to the Ottawa Humane Society (Vising the website for details)

National Cupcake Day will help the Ottawa Humane Society and shelters across the country give a surrendered animal a new forever home, rescue a neglected or abused animal and give it a second chance at a new life and provide emergency surgery to injured animals. 

Show your support by liking the National Cupcake Day Facebook Page and Following @NationalCupcakeDay on Twitter. 

Happy baking!

Posted on behalf of National Cupcake Day and the Ottawa Humane Society. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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