Today we celebrate all things LOVE from our significant other to our best friends, kids and fur babies - it is the official day of LOVE!

However you celebrate today - do it with a smile! Show the world how much love your heart can hold.

My kids woke up super excited to hand out their Valentine's at school. My son seemed more excited about giving his teachers Valentine's than his classmates, he's sweet like that. 

Everyone had to wear red or pink to celebrate the day, how fitting. Of course my oldest couldn't find a red or pink shirt so she went outside the box and wore a purple Monster High shirt that has some hearts on it. She's 9, you can't argue with that. The boy was much easier with his simple black jogging pants and a red T-shirt. 

The kids will get some Valentine's day treats when they get home from school. They are going to love those Build-A-Bears! :) 

I am spending my Valentine's Day puttering around the house, hiding from the snow and awaiting a new washer/dryer set - story to come about that, all I'll say is it was a gift from my mama and step dad that I couldn't be more grateful for!

This evening, hubby and I may attempt some kind of date night. You never know how it's going to go with kids! 

Whatever you do this Valentine's Day remember: Roses are red, voilets are blue - AME wishes a Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

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