Last week we embarked on our journey with the Family Financial Challenge.  Signing up for MyMoneyMyChoices.com just took a couple of minutes and helped get us off on the right track.

It was really interesting to see everything broken down using the interactive budget worksheet available on Gail’s website, it gave me a different perspective of how our household budget is spent and what we can possibly do to help maintain our budget. I saved copies of our budget for the challenge which are easy to update as we go. 

The first week was a little different, using only a set amount of cash on hand from whatever we put in the jars and having to cut back on some of the luxuries (multiple take out nights, grab-at-the-cash treats etc) but overall wasn’t so bad. Maybe we can do even better this week! 

Week 2 – Food

Now that we have the basics set up to get us started, this week is all about learning where we can save money right at home! Winter is very cold and makes everyone want to stay indoors. This can often lead us into bad habits like ordering food, which is not always healthy and definitely not easy on the bank account.

When you spend more time cooking at home, you spend more time cleaning up at home. Cleaning products you choose can also increase the grocery bill and nothing makes me angrier than spending money on products that don’t work the way I want or need them to. This is why I always stick to my favourite P&G brand products for the kitchen like Ultra Dawn (my favourite dish soap!), Bounty Basic that’s strong enough for everyday tasks, and if I had a dishwasher I would be using Cascade ActionPacs!

With P&G you get value products you can rely on time and time again to get the job done for less. Use those BrandSaver.ca coupons to save on your favourite household P&G products!

Other ways to save money at home are:

Meal planning – instead of buying weekly fresh groceries (milk, eggs, fruits and veggies), go the whole week making due with what you already have in the fridge and pantry. There’s nothing wrong with a meal of leftovers or frozen premade meals you may have in the freezer can be big money and time savers as well.

Learn the costs of what you buy, compare prices and start a weekly meal plan before grocery shopping so you can shop smart and save while making your family wholesome, homemade dinners. It doesn’t mean giving up your favourite products and foods, it’s just looking for them at the best deal for your budget.

Coffee at home instead of on the go can save you about $20 a week if you make it yourself. Often enough your favourite coffee can be found in an at-home version for you to make in your own coffee maker. If you are 30 years old, cutting the take-out coffee habit can mean $84,000 in your pocket while still enjoying your favourite cuppa Joe!

Our challenge:

This week we will be making meals from what we have in our fridge and cupboards, showing you just what our family can do in the kitchen, and showing off our sparkley clean dishes using Ultra Dawn! We will also continue inputting our finances into our daily spending journal to keep a running tally of our expenses for the Family Financial Challenge!

Discover more great tips, solutions, reviews, recipes and get coupons by mail by signing up at P&G site HomeMadeSimple www.hms.pgeveryday.ca!

Do you want to live SMART by saving more? Take the challenge along with us and tweet out your results using hashtag #SavingMadeSimple! Sign up for your own personal profile on www.mymoneymychoices.com and start saving today! 

See you next week!

Posted in participation with the Family Financial Challenge with P&GMom Ambassador program. Perks and incentives are received as part of this program however opinions and comments are those of the author. 

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