Welcome to week 3 of the Family Financial Challenge! This week we are talking about something that can drain the wallet of any of us with kids and that is activities! We are constantly comparing ourselves to friends and family, wanting our kids to have the best and do the best that everyone else does. If it's not in the budget, you can find yourself turning to credit to help pay for these extra activities and that is just putting you on the road to financial debt. You're paying in the longrun for things you can substitute for something fun and more affordable within your means. 

Family activities don't have to break the budget, you can save money with these simple tips:

- Check out your community calendar (most community centers offer them) and find some fun and free local activities the whole family can enjoy. This is especially good for planning out PD days and holidays where the center would be open. 

- It's winter but that doesn't mean taking things outdoors can't be fun. Take the kids out to a local rink for some skating, take them to the local hill for some sliding fun or go for a family winter nature walk, take pictures along the way to capture the memories. Make sure to have Puffs on hand for those cold, little runny noses! 

- If you're staying inside a pot-luck craft session could be in order. Set up various craft supplies at the table and let the family pick and choose what they want to create. Add a musical vibe while everyone is busy cutting, pasting, sparkling and creating - each family member can help play DJ by choosing different songs they like! 

- If you are in for some quiet time a comfy blanket, warm hot chocolate and a good story time can be easily done. Made up stories or a silly memory from your childhood could work wonders as well. You're kids will be full of questions! You could even wear your PJs and have everyone pick their favourite teddy bear for a daytime PJ nap party!

All of this indoor activity in the winter can increase the go! Now, there's a roll for everyone. Charmin Basic has an everyday great price plus its 2X stronger wet than the other guys. More tips, tricks and savings at www.hms.pgeveryday.ca.

Our challenge:

Using the tips above, find something fun and inexpensive our family can enjoy. Today happens to be Family Day, the kids are off school and most businesses are closed so that everyone can spend some good quality time together. 

Our community center is all about families and is celebrating Family Day with a mini carnival in the afternoon. Activities like taffy, horse sled rides, skating and more. It's close to home and best of all, it's free. 

Also this week we are taking the kids to a special event, Disney On Ice which is coming to Ottawa starting Wednesday night for it's annual tour. Not only a special evening out but memories to be made. I am looking forward to this final week of our Family Financial Challenge. 

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See you next week!

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