Here we are on our final week of the Family Financial Challenge! Do you ever notice how easily stuff can pile up around your home? How many lipsticks do you have? Pairs of shoes? Winter jackets? Unused toys, maybe? Human beings have this crazy ability to gather and collect stuff. The worst part is we hoard and allow it to accumulate taking up space and cause clutter in our lives, yet we always buy more!

Week 4 Clothes:

This weeks challenge is focusing on what we have and sticking to it before we buy more. Using up what we have in our cupboards and closets, taking care of our things to make them last their full potential. Taking care of our stuff!

- Take inventory of our closets making lists of every shirt, shoe, jacket and anything else. Make a commitment not to buy anything new until we absolutely need to. 

- If items are still good but no longer useful to use we must sell them or give them away and then wait until we desperately need a replacement item before we buy anything else new. I always prefer donating unused items and clothing to those who can use it. In December we did a huge clothing purge and donated to the local Diabetes Foundation who gladly picked up our donations! 

- No buying new hangers. We can only replace whats on existing hangers once we get rid of it. This isn't a problem, I always forget to buy hangers. I bought new ones for the front entrance so everyone could properly hang their jackets as the hooks we have are too high for our middle child. 

- Fixing what's broken like shoes, bags, belts etc can save money. Fix what needs fixing and use them instead of buying new. With regular maintenance clothes and accessories can last a long time, its up to us to take care of our stuff! 

That last one is so true. I bought a pair of black leather flats almost three years ago and I have taken care of them, they are my go-to black flats I will cry when they finally do get too old. 

Overall, we don't spend a whole lot on clothes every year. I think the most expensive time of year is back to school when it comes to clothes because we stock up and get everything the kids need for the fall and winter months. From snowsuits, boots, jeans, tops, socks, underwear and shoes we have to shop smart with three kids to consider. 

With the extra expenses it can put a bit of strain on the September/October budget but with the tips and tricks we have been learning throughout this challenge, I think we can manage better this time around.

I start donation boxes once I notice the kids are starting to outgrow a size of clothes. I eventually eliminate the sizes they don't need and when they box is full and I have enough of them, we donate like I said. If you want to make some extra cash to replace the like-new items your kids outgrow (babies in particular are great for outgrowing clothes before actually wearing them more than once or twice) local consignment shops sometimes buy and sell used clothes. You can sell what you don't need and buy what you do at a way cheaper price. 

I'm sure we will have several more bags to donate after our mid-winter purge and as we sort through the old and still good we will be recording anything going in and out of our weekly budget for clothing! 

Laundry tip from Tide: 

A great way to take care of your clothes and make them last longer is to use an effective and efficient laundry detergent. This helps keep costs low in a couple of ways: When using a detergent that works you avoid having to pretreat or rewash to remove stains and odours. Not all detergents preform the same in cold water and we all know cold water is much better and cheaper to wash with than hot! Using cold water with the quality and benefits of any Tide product will save both your clothes and your energy bill in the long run.

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  1. Great tips.. I am so guilty of buying new hangers rather than getting rid of old items or NOT buying new at all


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