I don't hide TV from my kids, they're allowed to watch age appropriate programming and I don't mind them watching movies either. We all grew up with our faces glued to TV sets when our favourite shows came on, we still do it as adults and my kids are no different. 

Naturally with older siblings occupying the same livingroom as she plays in, Baby M has begun watching the odd cartoon with her siblings. My one rule for the older kids while the baby is around, keep it preschool friendly. 

Recently Baby M has fallen in love with TreeHouse TV, rather she has fallen in love with Dora the Explorer. It's cool, her older sister (despite not wanting to admit it) once adored the brown eyed, friendly little explorer herself. Lately it's all she wants to watch. She even says "Doh-Ah" when it's coming on.

As much as we both adore that show, we need to switch it up once in a while. I made the mistake of trying to introduce her to something besides her beloved Dora *Gasp*.

Something new to her and something both her older siblings loved at young ages, Barney the big purple dinosaur. He's friendly and I figured she loves music, what's more musical than Barney! I love you, you love me, you know! 

Sorry Barney, looks like you're going into retirement.
Well, he was too much for Baby M before he even got to his first song. I started up a random episode where the school kids were bird watching. The little boy is looking through binoculars and spies the beloved Barney doll. Suddenly Barney pops out of nowhere, with a flash and a POOF sound - in all Barney fashion. 

Baby M jumps in shock, pouts and begins to cry. Oops! Bad parenting moment at it's finest. We tried to tell her Barney was fun but she would have none of it. It wasn't entirely Barney's fault and I didn't think his transformation from stuffy to "real" would startle the heck out of my baby.

Needless to say we switched back to Dora and are thankful she once again saved the day. Something about that theme song that captivates her every time. She doesn't get a whole ton of TV time but we know what she likes and well what she doesn't now.

Sorry Barney, you're just too much for the littlest one, can't say we didn't try. 

This post is in no way sponsored by any of the mentioned children's television programs, characters or TV channels. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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    1. Baby M actually likes the Sesame Street gang, Elmo makes her laugh but Barney is still a no go. Thanks for visiting AME! :)


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