Things have been so busy, I almost forgot to update everyone about the #SavingMadeSimple Family Financial Challenge we participated in with P&G!

It was a month-long learning experience with a weekly theme. Week 1 taught us the basics about our money and how to budget it according to weekly money jars, similar to what Gail uses for her show. I admit it was difficult to stay within budget, often finding ourselves not going for that extra take out dinner or coffee in place putting the money somewhere more important like toward groceries or emergency (never know when a kids school trip or fundraiser will pop up!). Making lists of things we need to be spending on can help avoiud unneccesary purchases (spontaneous at-cash purchases like candy bars, magazines etc) and keep things on track. 

Week 2 had us saving on food. This one was fun as it allowed us to use our imagination and create meals out of whatever we already had in cupboards and In the fridge that fed us for the week and some. Soup anyone? It also reminded me to get back to the days when only Friday night was a special treat take out night. I know I enjoyed the home cooked meals, even if they were simple ones. 

Week 3 was all about family, spending time doing things together while spending less. We spent time outside together for a community winter carnival and we were lucky enough to have tickets to a special event (Disney on Ice), that week. Making memories with the kids and reminding ourselves what it's like to get down and have some real fun as a family without breaking the budget.

The final week 4 of the challenge was focused on clothing. I had recently done a clothing purge close at Christmas and donated to a local charity that accepts gently used clothes and small kitchen appliances. I did some organizing and began collecting items to prepare boxes for our spring run. We don't quite have enough yet for a donation but I guarantee by the end of spring time the kids will have plenty to donate of from the winter that won't fit next year! For now we keep our clothes looking good by using Tide detergent.

This whole challenge was a great learning experience! If you already haven't, you can sign up and take the challenge yourself! While you're there, check out Gail Vaz-Oxlade's latest books for even more in depth advice to start #SavingMadeSimple. 

Posted in participation with P&GMom. Opinions and comments on this blog are my own. 

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