It has been a busy winter not to mention cold. Many a day spent indoors keeping warm and finding endless activities to help keep the kids from driving themselves (and us) up the walls. March break is coming up soon and for those of you with little ones at home, Hasbro has some great indoor activity ideas for the whole family!

KRE-O Dungeons & Dragons Fortress Defense Set: When I was growing up, my brother was a huge gamer and one of his favourites was Dungeons & Dragons. I am happy to see this game living on through a new generation from Hasbro! Collect the world and conquer the battles with KRE-O Dungeons & Dragons sets! There are 297 pieces in the Fortress Defense set to build a castle three different ways and defend it from hordes of Orcs! Knight KRE-O guard the wall up top, armed with bows and spears. Bring your favourite characters to life with this fun and entertaining medieval style set! Recommended ages 7+. 

My Little Pony Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash Pony Figure: There are literally hundreds of different My Little Pony figures, dolls and playsets to choose from brought to our little girls by Hasbro. New to the collection is My Little Pony Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash! She isn't just your everyday pony, she can do tricks to show you! Sit her down and she will amaze you with a cool flip, always landing on her feet! You can decorate her with included designs making her stand out special from the other ponies. Recommended ages 5+ and requires 1 AAA battery (included).

Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster: Backyard battles are about to get a whole lot bigger with Nerf! Although this is an outdoor toy, Springtime is just around the corner and what fun can be had playing with Nerf in the back yard. Like the other N-Strike series, it brings all the power Nerf is known for but features bigger darts engineered to fly farther than ever. Make a game and see who can launch darts the farthest, who can hit that target 85 feet away. The built-in one handed clip makes reloading easy and it comes with three Mega Whistler darts that scream as they fly. How cool is that! Recommended for ages 8+ with adult supervision.

Mousetrap Game: A game that has been around since we were kids and now our kids can enjoy too, Mouse Trap! Run through the maze as Sneakers mouse, Nacho mouse or Pepper mouse spins on the cheesy spinner. When one of your friends mouse is in the cheesy trap area and you land on the right space you have a chance to trap them in a trap made of Hungry Hippo and Girafalaff contraptions. Keep scurrying and scampering along until someone gets caught! The first to trap a mouse wins! Contains small parts, not meant for children under the age of 3.

Monopoly Junior Game: Monopoly is one of my all-time favourite Hasbro board games. Monopoly Junior is the first Monopoly game just for kids, where they earn money in a fun way! Its like the classic game but designed for younger players: Fast, simple and full of surprises. Kids will learn how to pass GO, buy fun properties like an icecream parlour, and collect rent while single bank notes keep the transactions fast and easy. When one player runs out of money, everyone counts up their tally and the one with the most collected wins! This fast trading property game will be hours of fun for your future entrepreneur! Ages 5 and up!

These are just a few examples of fun toys and games from Hasbro Canada. Visit the Hasbro Canada website and take a look around, there is something for kids of all ages this March break!

Posted on behalf of Hasbro Canada. Complimentary product received for review purposes. Comments and opinions are those of the author. 

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