BitStrips Me is eagerly awaiting Spring!
Good bye March, Hello April!  It's been a long, cold and grey winter that felt never ending even with teasing by the whole "groundhog day" announcement in February and the official "first day of spring" in mid-March. It feels as if we have been waiting forever for Spring to arrive.

We made the best of the nicer winter days by going out and doing things as a family. On the not so nice days it's books, games and settling down with a good movie. Keeping everyone entertained and keeping mom and dad sane.

Spring has been showing somewhat of an appearance as of late (can we say "finally"?). I hear birds chirping in the early mornings, the squirrels are out and about, annoying the dogs at every chance they get. Sure signs of a new season. 

One big thing I missed about nice weather is getting out more often. Yes I go out because something needs to be done but I'm talking about going outside because we actually want to. It's difficult to take a leisurely walk when you can't even push the stroller further than the driveway because the sidewalks are just too messy. Plus, the kids are tired of having to bundle up every time they go out, marshmallow kids. 

I am looking forward to our park visits and more walks. It'll be fun this year with Baby M entering the toddler stage, she's full of curiosity and wonder. The park is going to amaze her, I'm sure she doesn't remember swinging on the swings last summer. It will be as if it's all new to her. 

Spring means the back yard is going to need a good clean up in a few weeks. It's a real mess, not just with mud but we have three dogs so need I say more? It usually takes us a day to a couple of days just to clean it up, after that we will see what we want to do with flowers and stuff this year. 

I can't wait to get it all looking nice with flowers blooming and all. I hope our table and chair set survived the harsh winter and don't look too beat up for the nicer weather. One of my favourite things is going out on a warm morning and having my coffee on the deck. Hubby was talking about getting a new tale set though, we spent enough on the set we currently have but it's also been about eight years. Maybe we will be able to find a nice set on sale.

For the kids, once the snow leaves the back yard and everything is raked and tidy, their trampoline will be installed for another year of fun. We left the frame up but took down the material parts and stored them for the winter. Kids use that trampoline year round otherwise. 

I think I speak for everyone when I say we've had enough grey days. Spring time is one of my favourite times of year, after months of clouds we need our sunshiny days back. This weeks forecast is looking promising, sunny/cloudy days and possible rain. I'll take that over -30*C any day.

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  1. I am happy about the better weather too. My son Theo and I went on a 2-hour 'puddle walk' this afternoon since it was so nice.

  2. We enjoyed a nice spring walk this week down to the lake, I over dressed, but thought it would be cooler by the lake, it wasn't. Love the Bitstrip pic.. Hope your enjoying your day!


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