When it comes to cleaning products, I am sometimes less than "green" and I like to stick to what I know and the brands I love. I have however used green products in the past and always willing to try something new. I know people who sit on either side of the fence, those who swear by green products and those who haven't been bought by the idea of green products, the latter due to myths about green cleaning products. 

The most common misconception about these green cleaning products is that they aren't strong enough to tackle dirt like everyday products we use. Did you know, green products actually go through the same testing and research as any product we buy, which makes them as effective. 

Well.ca is Canada's largest retailer of green and natural products with almost 20,000 green and natural products available online. To celebrate spring and to get people's spring cleaning off to a green and natural start, Well.ca is launching a specially priced Green Spring Cleaning Kit featuring some customer favourites. 

President and CEO of Well.ca, Rebecca McKillican shares some tips for people who want to green their cleaning this spring:
1) Pay attention to ingredients: Know what's in your cleaning products because thats whats going on your counter, clothes and into your water supply when you flush it down the sink. Phthalates are not always disclosed on a label, watch for "fragrances" which usually are more than just a pleasant scent.  
2) Check where its made: Different countries have different laws about ingredient disclosure. Buy Made in Canada products as much as possible.  
3) Know where to use them: You wouldn't want to use your bathroom cleaner on your new wood coffee table and you shouldn't use a lemon based cleaner on a marble counter top. 

Well.ca's new Green Spring Cleaning Starter Kit makes it easier for families to go natural for their spring cleaning and features some of the sites top green cleaning sellers. The package has six green products and you can purchase it at Well.ca for under $30.

Happy Cleaning!

Sponsored post on behalf of Well.ca. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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