April is here and it's time to take off our jackets *almost* and start enjoying the spring sunshine. It has been a cold and cruel winter that has made me hibernate, almost. It's been especially rough on my hair and skin. 

My hands and feet get incredibly dry in the winter time. I have a year round habit of not wearing socks when I'm inside. On days I am in my basement to do my laundry and whatnot, the cold temperature and dry air of our home dries out the skin and I end up with rough, very dry feet. 

I was happy when GSK (GlaxoSmithKline, makers of Spectro, Uremol & Prevex) sent me over a Winter Wonderful Skincare kit to try out for myself. Now, I have tried many different skin creams, scrubs, masks, washes etc on my skin to see what works best and honestly I haven't found something I can use all the time.

I don't like a greasy feeling or creams I have to wait to dry/absorb before I can go about my business. I am allergic to anything with a scent in it, I end up with annoying itchy rashes. 

I was sent a set of four products to try out (I am in no way obligated to write about them but I want to share my experiences with you!).

- Spectro Dry Skin Cleanser which is specifically formulated for dry skin. It cleanses deep to remove dirt, oil and bacteria while protecting the skins natural moisture barrier. I really like using this cleanser, I have sensitive skin like I said to many body and face products but this wasn't the case with Spectro. No red blotches or itchy skin, my face feels softer and tonned after a wash with no residue or oily feeling. Two beauty thumbs up! You can buy this product from $6.99 and up depending what size bottle you need.

- Spectro daily facial moisturizer for dry skin provides enhanced moisture specifically for dry skin. It contains advanced moisturization technology to replenish your skins natural moisture barrier and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. You can buy this product from $11.99-$15.99 in 140ml size.

- Prevex Protectant cream is something just for those dry hands I mentioned earlier. It is a great product for people who wash their hands frequently *nurses, childcare workers, healthcare providers, moms...* as it helps relieve dry, chapped hands and protects skin against external irritants like plants, food, cosmetics, household detergents, polishes and water. A thick, non-greasy formula that absorbs well and keeps hands soft, smooth and protected. You can buy this product from $11.99-$15.99 depending what size you need.

-Uremol 20 Skin Relief Moisturizing cream increases skins moisture by restoring its natural urea - mositure naturally found in skin but is reduced due to dry conditions (hello, winter!). This cream contains 20% urea clinically proven to improve dry, itchy skin and restore it to smooth and supple. This is the perfect cream for my feet which end up the most dry of all during colder months. I used this cream twice before I really noticed a difference but thats the thing, I noticed a difference! Usually it works the first time but the dryness returns. I forgot to apply this a couple of times and it didn't do any damage, my feet stayed soft. Hello, summertime sandals! You can buy this product for $10.00-$15.99 depending what size you want.
There you have it, if you are suffering from dry, itchy and irritated skin thanks to the winter months, look into GSK skin products to help you out! If you are on Twitter and want to see what everyone else is talking about, use hashtag #GSKskin and join in the skincare chat! To learn more about GSK please visit www.gsk.ca!

*I received complimentary product with no obligation to post but felt I wanted to. Opinions and comments in this post are those of the author* 

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