Baby M loves anything to do with music, when we play our favourite music she rocks her head back and forth "dancing" to the melody or beat. Needless to say any musical toys are an automatic win, too. She loves "singing" songs and being sang to. One of her favourite songs lately is "If you're happy and you know it". Did I mention she also loves clapping her hands? ;-)

Oh she's happy and she knows it...

Clapping her hands! 

This is the age when everything mommy and daddy does is great, even if we can't really sing that well. Cherishing the moments and saving the memories! :) 

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  1. I miss the days when my kids thought I was awesome lol (Still have one, occasionally two who think I'm pretty cool ;) ) I love when they groove to music ;)

  2. OMG what a princess!! I love toothy smiles!! That is great!

  3. So adorable! We are at the age where most of what mommy and daddy does is wrong. Oh the terrifying threes....


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