The BConnected Conference happened this past weekend - it was such an incredible event. I am proud to have been part of the very first parent blogger conference in Canada, more so the first of its kind in our own capital city! 

It had been a while since I had been at the NAC for anything other than a kids show, quite exciting for me even though I'm a local. The NAC was a very nice venue to host the first BConnected Conference. It's an older building and located right downtown here in Ottawa which is a bus ride away for me and almost everything is within walking distance for those who came from out of town and had a chance to tour our city while visiting.

At the NAC, elegant and intimate, tables were set up in the main Panorama room for everyone to sit together, get to know their fellow bloggers and absorb all the goodness of the sessions. Oasis served up fresh orange juice for breakfast both days. Breakfast, lunch and snacks were offered as well to all in attendance.

What I liked about the setting was that there was that hustle and bustle like any conference (everything is so exciting) but not so much that you felt too overwhelmed. We had the chance to really meet and connect with new fellow bloggers, reconnect with those we have known for years and get to know some of the faces behind the brands we enjoy working with. It was wonderful to be able to connect one on one or in smaller groups with so many. I think many who attended could agree. 

Every speaker brought their own vibe to the conference. They each had their own message, their own lessons and inspirations to share with us all. From motivating us to getting us thinking, making us laugh to tearing at those heart strings - definitely very impressed with the lineup who presented on the BConnected stage. I enjoyed every session and took in so much that left me feeling inspired to try something new and not hold back.

The exhibitors hall in the Fountain room was carpeted in red, making it feel almost like a celebrity event. We had fun meeting and greeting with sponsors. Taking pictures at the Giant Tiger booth, learning about fitness from Hostile Conditioning, talking Eco-friendly with Terra20, competing in a round of Mario Kart on Wii with Future Shop and chatting it up with other brands like Chicken Farmers of Canada.

We also had the opportunity to get professional headshots by the BConnected Conference photographer, Captivision Photography. He did an amazing job, everyone looks fabulous! 

Photo by Captivision Photography
Our 'Chief B' Lyne Proulx and the entire BConnected team worked hard behind the scenes making sure everything was just right, what an amazing job. A very special Thank you to the entire team, sponsors, speakers, attendees and everyone who helped make the very first BConnected Conference all it could be and more!
Some of my favourite moments @ BConnected!

Let's BConnected again, Spring 2015!

Posted in participation as a BConnected Conference Ambassador however all comments and opinions in this post are honest and my own.

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  1. I had such a wonderful time - it was a great introduction into conferences for me, and it was great to meet you in person!

  2. We had a blast didn't we! I loved everything about the set up at the NAC, it was an incredible venue! and the line up of speakers was top notch!

  3. I love your new headshot! You are a like a beautiful pixie! I agree that the venue choice was just perfect.

  4. It was such a great week-end. I really like your headshot. I hope we can connect again before the next one :)

  5. It was so great to meet you IRL, Alyssa! Finally! Great post and pics...love your headshot :) Looking forward to see you again at the next conference!

  6. Love your head shot and glad you enjoyed the conference. See you next year!

  7. LOVE your new head shot! The conference was fantastic. Great venue, fabulous speakers, and the perfect size! Looking forward to next year!


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