Between balancing the kids, working at home or in the office, running errands and taking care of the every day can be give us the challenge and being a mom can sometimes make us sweat. It's all part of life but did you know stress sweat can be a different concern? Stress sweat results in sweating an average of 30 times more than normal and it has a tendancy to smell more than normal.

Being an introvert by nature sometimes causes me to stress a little more than I should, I especially sweat when I get nervous or embarrassed. With three kids it happens more often than not come to think of it. Nothing like wondering if those around you notice. Although I can't always predict when these types of situations happen, I can prevent the extra sweat with Secret Clinical Stress Response antiperspirant. 

Worrying about body odour caused by sweat is a thing of the past since being introduced to Secret Clinical series of antiperspirants - 100% confidence guarantee.  

Secret Clinical Strength gives you 4X protection from stress sweat and comes in a variety of different kinds for different needs. New Secret Clinical Stress Response features a unique technology to combat the three main sources of sweat: Stress, physical activity and heat. It`s available in two great scents, Calming Aloe and Serene Citrus. It effectively prevents and minimizes odor caused by sweat. 

How it works is instead of just masking smell it traps the odour, neutralizes it and replaces it with a fresh scent. It also provides prescription strength wetness protection and conditions your skin for extra comfort.

I have tried many different brands of deodrant and antiperspirants over the years and I can honestly say that Secret`s Clinical Stress response formuals really do work. You put it on and pretty much forget about it for the next 24 hours plus the invisible stick doesn`t leave any nasty residue on me or my clothes.

You can find Secret Clinical Stress Response and other Secret Clinical series antiperspirants for about $10.99 at your local drug store or where personal hygene products are sold. Learn more on the official Secret website

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