"Roses are red, violets are blue. You're my mom and I love you"

Those were the words written inside a hand made Mother's Day card from my nine year old girl. 

As the kids get older they don't come as often but I am the sentimental type who enjoys hand made cards and crafts the kids make. They always draw and colour pictures, that's different. I'm talking about special occassion crafts they make especially for me.

Making mom smile is always a great gift to give. 

Pretty card from my nine year old daughter

Pretty Sun Catcher from my six year old son xo

Happy Mother's Day to all the hard working moms out there. Enjoy your day, enjoy your children and celebrate all the good that makes you "Mom".

Posted by AME in celebration of Mother's Day. Opinions and comments on this blog are always honest and my own. 

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