This Mother's Day the kids gifted me with hand made crafts and cards from school. Very sweet, I always love them. My son gave me a special gift, a list of things about me, his mom. It was rolled up and tied with a ribbon like a scroll. He was so proud to give me this gift!

I untied the ribbon and unrolled the yellow paper. I began to read it out loud and couldn't help but laugh. It was thoughtful. I learned a lot about myself that I didn't know, read on to find out what he said!

My Moms name is: Alyssa
She is _100_ years old.
Her hair is brown, she has brown eyes like me.
Her favourite colour is rose.
My moms best friend is Dad, his name is Patrick.
My Mom is special because I love her.
Her favourite food is chicken noodle soup.
My Mom always says "I Love You".
I love my mom because she is nice and helps me tie my new shoes.
Love Dominic
There you have it, me through the eyes of my six year old boy. I'm 100 years old with "brown" hair and I like chicken noodle soup. I love it because it's honest and comes from his young mind. I know he took a guess with some of the answers he gave but he did get some right, you can probably guess which ones. 

No matter what they bring home, it's sure to make me smile and that is the best gift a mom can get! :) 

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  1. Hahah that is so sweet :) ..... and you look amazing for 100! ;)


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