Even though my annual flower garden is small, I take pride in the plants and flowers that do grow in our back yard. May is the month when everything has finally had time to dry up and things are starting to grow. It won't be long before they are all in bloom.

Our crab apple (I think) tree is almost ready to bloom, you can see all the green buds all over the branches. They bloom into pretty pink or white flowers and they only last a couple of weeks if we are lucky. Usually a rain storm will blow them all away so there is a small window there to take some pretty pictures. 

I am happy the purple violets keep growing every year. They were my grandmothers favourites and have also become mine. They remind me of her. When I was a little girl I remember being at her house. My grandparents lived in a small bungalow. The back room always shed a lot of light and my grandmother kept some of her potted plants there, one of which was a deep purple violet plant. I used to love going in that room and just looking at the plant, so pretty.

When it was sunny out on Monday, I went outside with the kids after school and started raking up the debris from my little garden. K and I were talking about what other kinds of flowers besides our violets that we could maybe buy in a couple of weeks to add some colour to the dirt. She reminded me that we still had the seeds of hope that we got in our We Day bags. Great idea, we chose a special spot for each leaf and planted them. Doing something good and growing something beautiful. 

I can't wait to see what the following weeks will bring to our garden! 

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