We spent most of the past long weekend and after school this week outside in our yard enjoying the sunny days. The kids play with the puppies and spend some time on the trampoline, burning the last of their daily energy. Hubby has been down for the count with a pulled back the past couple of days.  

I was kept busy with everything and decided to do a quick yard clean up, I check for any dog surprises and debris that may have been missed. The last thing you need when you have kids and animals is someone stepping in something or hurting themselves to ruin a nice afternoon.

I was surprised to see the little buds from last week in full bloom. It's amazing how a little warm weather, rain and sunshine can bring things back to life after a long, cold winter season. I want to go to Canadian Tire or Home Depot, like I said and get some new soil and flowers to add to the violets. Maybe some red, orange or yellows in there to brighten it up. 

Our tree now has those pretty flowers I was telling you about and I found out for sure it is an Apple tree, but I'm sure you already knew that! My neighbour has been living here for over 35 years and she had some in her yard before she said but they got infested with bugs and had to be removed. I think that may be why the apples don't really grow from ours (they are small and I wouldn't eat them or cook with them). At least the blooming flowers make for a pretty picture while they last.

Back in the little garden more purple violets have bloomed as well! I like those in gardens because they seem to have a habit of reproducing from one plant to many. 

Unfortunately I don't think those wild flowers we planted are going to come up any time soon. Either the ground we planted them in was no good or they got drenched with last weeks rain. Oh well, if we are lucky they might come up by the end of summer or next spring. I never said I had a green thumb! ;-) 

There still isn't much grass in the yard. We tried growing some in previous years but with the dogs it's hard to keep them off the grass when they go outside. Daizy (the dog not the flower, hence the spelling) likes to do laps around the yard, especially when there is mud outside. 

Another, oh well. If we owned this place it would be a different story but we rent so technically landscaping isn't our job but we do keep up the yard. I just like to add at least flowers though, I need something! ;) 

I remember my mom planting tulip bulbs along the side of our country home when I was quite young. I don't remember if they survived. We had Lilac bushes surrounding the front yard, those I remember always picking and being told not to. I guess that's where my kids get all the flower picking from! 

My flowers may be nothing compared to some gardens I've seen pictures of but they are pretty, they make me smile and they are surviving in my little garden! ;-) 

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