Pictures can say a thousand words, they tell a story and share a memory. As a mom, I am usually the one behind the camera capturing our family moments and honestly I'm not very good at it. I have never owned a really good quality camera and I have never taken any kind of photography courses. Like others, I let my proud mom moments take the camera and capture away. 

We all want the best out of our photos, we want crisp and clear, natural moments. Being on the go most of the time, I'm often taking pictures with my iPhone. It sometimes works out great but other times I wish I had a better camera on hand. I think as a mom and someone who enjoys taking pictures, I should really invest in a good quality camera and learn a few new tricks.

Canon Canada shares some fantastic tips and tricks for those of us trying to capture the most precious moments of parenthood, our baby's first few years with Babymoments.ca

It is an interactive Facebook app that teaches you different ways to take different pictures for every stage of your baby's first year. It lets you know what type of camera would work best, lighting, camera setting, positioning and more. You could become a pro at your own family photo shoots in no time!

Simply visit the Canon Canada Facebook page and click on the "Baby Moments" tab to get started! You choose which stage baby to be photographed is in and it gives you a bunch of options as to what pose you are looking for. Smash cake, cruising and sitting in my own chair are a few of the options for older babies 10-12 months. Our youngest, Baby M is now 18 months old but we could still apply almost all of the tips and tricks to our own family photo shoots.

With the arrival of summer, we know we are going to want to capture every experience and adventure and at least now with a few good tips and tricks, we can make our memories all the more beautiful with Canon Canada. 

Sponsored post on behalf of Canon Canada. Opinions and comments are always honest and those of the author.

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  1. What a great interactive Facebook app! Parents love taking pics of their babies from all stages and ages! I'm off to check it out! P.S. I'm in the market for a camera. Got any recommendations for a beginner -- totally new to DSLR!

    1. I am no camera expert, I can barely get my kids to stay still long enough to take a nice photo LOL Maybe the app will have some suggestions!! :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. I love Canon and these tips are fantastic - such a great way to give people tips and ideas

  3. Love Canon and this app is great. I was checking it out the other day


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