Our little guy is always building something. He's got collections of different kinds of kid building materials like Lego, Mega Bloks and others. He definitely gets his love for building from his father "the handy man" who can fix or build just about anything for the home. I know I can't build anything, I took woodworking in highschool and my attempt at a wooden key holder was quite shameful. 

He is always showing off his work (which I love) and always coming up with something new, usually something as an accessory to one of his other toys. Most cases his cars or his super heroes.

The other day while out playing, he dug into the "outside toys" bin and found himself some building material. With some old foam blocks and part of an old Hot Wheels race track he built this:

I asked him what he was building with all that and he said it was a covered bridge that so that his cars can safely get across. I think he was pretending the glass table was water or something.

As you can see, I had to take his picture per his request to show off his work. He has such a great imagination, I hope it stays with him always. Maybe he will go to great places in the future with this passion for building. No matter what, he always makes us proud. 

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