Talent shows can be fun, especially when your child is participating. Our oldest songbird had been talking about her school talent show for months. She wouldn't let us hear her practice, although I could often hear her through her bedroom door belting out the words to "Let it go" over and over.

Finally the day came, we got up early and made sure everything was set up. She forgot the "Elsa crown" we made, it had been drying on top of the fridge. I knew I should have put it somewhere where one of us would have seen it. Oh well, it didn't seem to affect her performance.

I'm so happy the weather app on my phone was wrong and it actually didn't rain like I was hoping it wouldn't. It was a nice walk, sunny and warm. I arrived at the school but forgot how far into the school the gym was (opposite end of where you go in) and showed up a sweaty mess from speed walking my way there. I was on time though and I was there, that's what counted to my daughter.

When I walked into the gym, I could see her sitting on the far wall with her group, looking for me. I signaled her with a wave and she returned it with bright eyes and a big smile. I saw my little guy too, sitting in the audience near the front with the rest of his class. He wasn't in the talent show, it was for grade three and up. The kids are always so excited when I come into the school.

The stage was set up with a banner full of stars, lights, audio and all. They did a really good job. I watched a couple of acts before K's, dancing and singing! There were a couple of acts before hers, dancing and singing. It's nice to see the kids so proudly showcasing their talent. My girl went on at 9:10am this morning. 

From now on when my brain tells me "maybe you should bring your camera", I'm going to listen to it. My iPhone memory filled up and stopped the video twice, second time at the best part. The photo I took when they got on stage somehow disappeared among the freezing. Very disappointed that my iPhone let me down but hey 45 seconds is better than nothing. I have no idea what the mini dance sequence was all about during the song but cute! Oh and excuse my finger, it slipped. 

I know every parent in North America has their own child's rendition of this song but I am proud of my girl. She had a little bit of a lingering cold and still sounded good. She won't even let her own parents listen to her sing and yet her and her group had the whole room singing along. She got congratulatory hugs from me and a couple of her friends after her song was finished. 

She thanked me for coming, she doesn't have to thank me. That's what moms are for. This is just the first of many proud moments for her, I will be there for all of them.

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