"You throw like a girl", "Stop acting like a girl" and so many similar phrases are thrown around daily as a way of insulting someone, especially within our youths - why is being like a girl a bad thing? When I hear these phrases or similar, I don't see a weak or  helpless girl who can't do it because she is a girl. I see a strong, confident, young lady going above and beyond, because she is a girl. A strong girl. 

My oldest daughter is who I see, she is a Tween now at almost 10 years old. She is at the age where she is finding out who she is, growing confidence and I am proud to see it shining through, everyday. That to me is important as a woman and as a mom of two girls. Not only do I want to empower my daughters but also my son, showing him that there is nothing either a boy or a girl can't accomplish. 

Did you know only about 19% of young girls feel empowerment from the phrase "like a girl" and most who use it won't think twice about its overall effect on self confidence. We are talking about girls between the ages of 10 and 13, like my own daughter, the age when girls are changing, growing and discovering who they are. They don't need to be belittled and made feel as if girls can't do anything because we are "weak" in any area.  

Girls should stand tall and proud, being "like a girl" has a whole new meaning now. Always has been an advocate for empowering girls globally for over 30 years and continue to do so every single day. They recently asked a group of youths and young adults to display their version of what "Like a girl" looks like, the video had me tearing up when they all realize how wrong that phrase is to use as an insult. You can check out the video below! 

Always invites you to take a stand and share what you do #LikeAGirl (using the hashtag!) via your favourite social media outlets by making a video, taking a picture or even sending out a message! Let's revolutionize the meaning of being #LikeAGirl for our next generation and break the stereotype! 

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  1. I love this video :) What a great message

    1. I think it's great too! I showed my *almost* 10 year old girl too! Thanks for stopping by!

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