Summer is here, it's time to roll down the windows and let fido enjoy the warm breeze as you drive to your summer destination. Or maybe you just take a day and go to the local dog park to let him socialize. 

However you spend your summer with your furry friend always remember, even with pets, safety first.

Keep your pet on a leash unless you're in a fenced yard or designated dog park when you're out this summer. Not all everyone will appreciate a visit from your dog. 

If you plan to camp, make sure your camping grounds allow dogs and find out policies to be safe when camping. 

Always make sure to have enough food and especially water on hand for your pet. It's easy for them to become dehydrated in the hotter weather. 

Please don't ever leave your pets in a parked vehicle. Like the above, they will become hot and dehydrated in the extreme heat of summer. Worst case, get what you need before stopping, take them out with you at pit stops and have someone to tend to them if you do have to leave them for a minute. 

Don't forget the clean-up bags! Nobody likes a messy pet owner! Bring along plastic shopping bags or "doggie bags" you can buy with a dispenser for long trips and dispose of it in a designated garbage can. 

Bring appropriate toys for your pets on outings. Frizbees, throw-and-catch or tug rope type toys are always fun for dogs of all sizes. You can find some great ones big or small at your local pet supply store. 

Above all be safe - make sure your dog is up to date with vaccines and also treated for prevention of ticks and fleas! It is starting out to be a bad summer for ticks, especially here in the Ottawa area. K9 Advantix II can help, ask your vet! Dogs can be curious creatures at any age and ticks can catch on at any time, the last thing you need with your vacation is an extra vet bill. 

Have a happy and safe summer with your four legged friend! For more info about tick and flea prevention visit the official K9 Advantix Website

Posted on behalf of Bayer Animal Health and K9 Advantix II. Complimentary pet products received for participation. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author! 

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