I love shoes, but I don't like actual shoe shopping. I don't like going to the store with an idea of what I'm looking for in mind and finding nothing that suits my taste or if I do find something chances are it doesn't come in my size or my size happens to be sold out. 

Instead of going through the pain of shoe shopping in store, I prefer doing it in the comfort of my own home. Yes, online shoe shopping. I have a few shops I enjoy buying from when they have sales or something I want. 

Recently I was introduced to ShoeMe.ca, a Canadian online shoe store that specializes in brand name shoes for the whole family at reasonable prices. The hardest part about reviewing shoes is picking out pair, so many to choose from. It took me several visits to choose, I bookmarked and picked a few to choose from before narrowing it down to the final pair. 

I'm naturally tall and don't wear heels, ever. I have worn heels in the past but it was once and I regretted it, my feet hated me afterward. I love flats or barely any height to them style chunky shoes, they come in as many nice colours and styles as heels. 

Being the conventional type person I am, I chose Clarks Women's Wave Cruise flats. They are not only gorgeous but they are also practical as I could wear them in spring, summer and even fall seasons with the right outfit. Black leather and mesh Mary Janes style, these shoes reinvent walking. They have an innovative rocker sole that conserves energy, absorbs shock and cushions the joints. A removable OrthoLite footbed allows for extra comfort.

After making my final decision, I checked out and played the waiting game. It says on the website that Clarks shoes take 15 business days to come, but that's okay. They were worth the wait!

What I like about these shoes aside from looking great dressy or casual is that they are comfortable and they suit my needs! They have a bit of a lift to them but not so much that I feel too tall when I wear them. They are great for mid-summer or early fall. You can wear them with or without socks or nylons. If you are looking for a chunky style, check out the Clark's available on Shoeme.ca! 

Not only can you get great kicks for the whole family at reasonable prices but ShoeMe.ca also has free shipping and free returns on ALL orders. 

Right now through September 30th, 2014 save $25 on your order over $100 with special coupon code: JustForYou25

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Posted in participation with the ShoeMe.ca Ambassador program. Complimentary shoes were received as part of the program. Opinions and comments on this blog are honest and those of the author. 

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