Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian AME readers! Today is the day we celebrate our country from coast to coast. Everyone has their own version of celebrating but we call have one thing in common - we are Canadian and proud of it! :) 

Growing up we used to spend our Canada Day watching a local town parade followed by family BBQ and ending the day with fireworks. As a young adult, before children I used to head downtown with friends, of course we would drink and have a grand old time. When we only had our first baby we had BBQ with friends, good times and good laughs. 

Now that we have a bigger family and are a little older (and less energetic) we keep things quiet by spending a nice Canada Day with the kids during the day. We dress in Canadian attire like t-shirts, tanks and hats. We get our hands on some new Canadian flags and sparklers. We spend the afternoon at the local pool, sometimes the community center has a summer party.We have bbq hotdogs, hamburgers and potatoe chips. Even if there isn't an official party, we make our own Canada Day. 

After the kids are all tuckered out and we can sit down for a minute, we have a grown-up toast to our country, to our Canada. 

Our downtown core is usually packed on Canada Day if you are looking for some adventure! Parlaiment Hill, Major's Hill Park and Jacques Cartier Park always have day-long Canadian birthday festivities happening from the 9am flag raising ceremony to the evening fireworks finale, those are usually spectacular. 

If the weather is not in as much of a mood to celebrate as you are and decides to bless us with a down pour, always make sure to have a plan b with indoor type activities to keep everyone occupied.

Watch a Canadian flick on Netflix, play a Canadian trivia game (make one up with what you know!) or even have an indoor friends and family dinner. Some people will still BBQ if its only a little rain, use your imagination! :) 

Whatever you do and however you celebrate, have a Happy (and safe) Canada Day and watch some fireworks in the name of our country! :) 

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