Since the summer began it feels as if time is just flying right by! There are so many things I want or need to do and there seems to never be enough hours in a day to get it all done. Thus, my ever growing to-do list never really gets completed. 

The weather has been overall nice so we don't want to keep the kids cooped up in the house all day but we still have work to do. Without daycare or even a tiny break this summer, we made an agreement with the kids that we go to the pool as long as things are done around here. Spending an entire day there is impossible with the youngest who still naps so a couple of hours is good enough. She enjoys the wading pool and the older ones usually meet up with local friends in the big kid pool. We have made it a ritual all summer that after swimming at the pool we head off to the park (which is right next to the pool area) for some swinging and climbing.

I started sorting and purging areas of the house that have been ignored. There was just too much stuff, it was overwhelming. I finally got tired of having to jam my daughter's closet door closed. We went through everything except the shelf of old VHS movies, that needs its own box and its own afternoon of sorting. I am surprised I only ended up with one bag of garbage. Two bags of "unwanted" toys and one small bag of clothes that didn't fit and couldn't be used by her sister (eventually). The donation bin is going to get a delivery at the end of the week! 

My birthday is next Thursday, I have nothing planned as usual. I bought myself an early gift, a new set of utensils with a wooden tray. Let me explain; Somehow during the school year, along with the reusable plastic ones we had bought specifically to bring on lunches, the kids made most of the tea spoons, forks and butter knives disapear. I'm tired of searching for a clean one and having everything mixed matched all over the place. I came across a really nice set on Amazon PLUS I got free shipping. You know you're a mom when you are excited about new forks and spoons.

We have some fun (surprise) events lined up in August. The kids will be very excited once they find out. You already know one of them! I'll be sharing more about that as it happens here on the blog.

We are celebrating our oldest daughter's 10th birthday at the end of the summer. That is a huge milestone - 10 years since I gave birth to my first baby.  I ordered some special Monster High party supplies. They had bigger kits than the one I went with but I know we aren't having a huge party. I do want to make it extra special for her though.  She wants the Catty Noir doll. It's rare and expensive when you can find her so I may have to pick her brain to find out which other dolls she would like if that one isn't doable. I know she will be happy either way, she's already told me her summer has been a great one so far. 

For now we will continue to enjoy what time we do have on the nice days. We may wish for the first day of school but when it comes we want summer and its fun memories back all over again. 

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