Taking care of the yard is all part of the nicer summer weather. Doing so, like every other family, we use a typical garden hose with a spray nozzle. Ever notice you get as wet if not wetter than your garden or lawn when you're outside taking care of things? Leaky garden hoses are the worst and one of the biggest water wasters during the summer months. 

LeakFree by Nelson watering system is designed to save people time and money while keeping them dry while they garden. What's so special about this watering system compared to others? LeakFree distinguishes itself from other with its patented triple seal technology that prevents leaks at all connection points: faucet to hose to watering tool. In addition, an automatic shut off valve stops the flow of water to keep you dry while changing watering tool such as nozzle to sprinkler.

The LeakFree starter kit includes everything you need to get started: a LeakFree adjustable spray nozzle, 50 foot LeakFree heavy duty hose and LeakFree faucet to hose connector. LeakFree products have a 7 year limited guarantee.

The LeakFree watering system couldn't have come at a better time for us. Not only do we take care of the grass and plant life in the yard but our kids also like getting soaked and having a little water fun. Our older nozzle and hose from two summers ago had taken quite the beating. The nozzle in particular was quite runny and your feet would get soaked in seconds before you even started what you were doing. The "soak" setting on it only soaked one thing: us when we used it. Sad, I know. Hubby was quite happy when our LeakFree watering system starter kit arrived. 

It's quite easy to assemble the LeakFree system, just push it in, turn it and lock the LeakFree components in place to ensure a watertight seal. The nozzle pressure is great and you have two settings on it, spray or mist. I like the fact that the nozzle handle is smaller, it's easier for smaller hands to hold onto. You can also buy add ons like additional heavy duty nozzles and other sprayers for your LeakFree watering system.

LeakFree by Nelson can be found and home and garden centers such as Lowes or Home Depot stores across Canada. The starter kit goes for about $49.99. 

To learn more about the LeakFree watering system and other useful gardening tools available please visit the Home Depot website!

Posted by AME on behalf of LeakFree by Nelson. Complimentary starter kit received for review purposes. Opinions, comments and photos on this blog are my own. 

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