Water is an essential source of life for everyone. People, plants and animals all rely on it to replenish, refresh and nourish lives. Water is also one thing we all take for granted here in North America. 

Being summer water seems all the plenty for us. Everyone is swimming, boating, playing water games or jumping through sprinklers. People wash their cars and water their gardens. Water is the go-to beverage after coming in from outdoor play or working out. It seems like we have an unlimited supply yet we take it for granted every day. 

Did you know approximately one billion people in the developing world do not enjoy the same luxery as we do. Diseases from contaminated water kill more children everyday than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. 

You may have heard about the P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water program which helps provide clean drinking water to people in need through a water purifying technology developed by P&G. One small P&G purification packate turns quickly turns 10L of dirty water into clean, fresh, drinkable water. 

For every participating P&G product purchased at Walmart from May May 1 2014 to March 31 2014, P&G will donate a day of clean drinking water for those in need. 

To help remind Canadians just how lucky we are to have access to clean water and to help educate them on how they can help provide clean water to those in need P&G has created the #CleanWater photo challenge! From July 18 to 31st, P&G and Walmart want you to share photos of how clean water makes a difference in your life! 

How it works:

Using your preferred social photo sharing platform (I'll be using Instagram), follow the #cleanwater calendar (above) and post a photo inspired by the word of the day (ie: Hydrate). The photo can include clean water itself, ways you are using water in your daily lives etc, get creative! Don't forget to use the daily hashtag and tweet out your picture! 

One lucky participant across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc will win a $250 Walmart gift card and an awesome bundle of P&G goodies as a thank you for sharing! 

You can also check out the #cleanwater Pinterest board to see everyone's pictures throughout the two weeks. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with and I wish all my winners the best of luck for the grand prize! :)

Happy Photographing! 

Posted in participation with the PGMom ambassadorship program. Compensation and perks are received as part of the program however opinions, comments and photos expressed on this blog are my own. 

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