My kids have been having a blast with water throughout the summer and we are about to take traditional water fun to a whole new level with Gelli Baff! Sprinkle, play, dissolve! 

Gelli Baff is a really cool product that turns plain water to goo and back again! My kids of course love anything cool and kinda gross so they were all over our new Gelli Baff Rainbow pack which comes with six different Gelli Baff colours to turn bath time into Gelli Baff time!

How it works:

- Fill your bath with water about 1/4 of the way. The less water, the thicker your Gelli Baff will be! 

- Take the Step 1 crystals (coloured) and slowly add it to the bath, make sure to add it evenly. 

After that the kids can get right in and start playing. The more they play the muckier the gel gets and the more laughter to be had! My son brought some old action figures in and pretended they were being "slimed". Imagination at its best.

Finishing off is quite simple, you add in the Step 2 dissolvent and the kids can just play until the Gelli turns back to water which safely goes down the drain. We did get a bit of guck on the floor and tub walls but it easily cleaned up and rinsed away with water. It also cleans easily off of clothing, the kids got me with some as well as wore bathing suits to play together in the tub! 

The kids had a blast, they hadn't ever seen anything like Gelli Baff before. They thought it was neat when the water changed colour, gelled and turned back to water at the end! Gelli Baff is recommended for kids aged 5+ as you shouldn't eat Gelli Baff. 

Gelli Baff comes in different kits including a pool party kit with an inflatable pool for outdoor use! You can learn more about this and other toys available on the PlaSmart website! Follow @PlaSmart on Twitter and Like the PlaSmart Facebook page for the latest on all their greatest! 

Posted on behalf of PlaSmart. We received complimentary product for our review. Opinions and comments are always those of the author. 

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