My kids have a fascination with dinosaurs and with this fascination comes wonder. These mysterious, extinct creatures they only hear about in stories or learn about in school and in books. The closest they could get to dinosaurs is watching movies or going to museums, but then bones aren't nearly as amazing as the real thing. 

This summer take your kids on a prehistoric adventure of a lifetime. Walking with Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular comes to the Canadian Tire Center as part of it's North American tour with 8 limited shows August 20th to 24th!  

For 200 million years the Dinosaurs ruled the earth.

In 2007 they returned to tour the arenas of the world in an extraordinary theatrical production. 

And in 2014 they conquer North America Once again. 

Based on the award winning BBC television series, Walking with Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular is a show that critics have called "awesome", "spectacular", and "breathtaking". The new production will showcase changes to the dinosaurs based on the latest scientific research including the likely feathering of some species. The show depicts the dinosaurs evolution with almost cinematic realism. 

Ten species are represented from the entire 200 million year reign of dinosaurs. The show includes the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Plateosaurus, Liliensternus, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Torosaurus and Utahraptors - all the best Dinosaurs from the coolest periods!

The Largest dinosaur of them all is the Brachiosaurus which stands 36 feet tall and 56 feet from nose to tail! It took a team of 50 - including engineers, fabricators, skin makers, artists and painters, and animatronic experts - a year to build the production. 

Director Scott Faris said, "We take the audience on a journey back in time and show them how the dinosaurs might have actually looked like in their prime - huge, sometimes frightening, sometimes comical monsters - that fought for survival every day of their lives. Our dinosaurs move exactly like they are real -- with all the roars, snorts and excitement that go with it. The realism is mind-blowing!"
The show looks absolutely amazing, I can't wait to take my family to see it! I know the kids will really love it and I'm sure yours would too! 

Show times for Walking with Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular in Ottawa are: 

Wednesday, August 20th 2014 at 7:00pm - Opening night!
Thursday, August 21st 2014 at 7:00pm
Friday, August 22nd 2014 at 7:00pm
Saturday, August 23rd 2014 at 11:00am, 3:00pm or 7:00pm
Sunday, August 24th 2014 at 11:00am or 3:00pm

Tickets for the show can be purchased online or in person at the Canadian Tire Center box office starting at $24.50 each.

For more information about Walking with Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular please visit www.dinosaurlive.com

Win it!

Take your family on a prehistoric evening of a lifetime! One lucky AME reader has the chance to win FOUR (4) tickets to Walking with Dinosaurs opening night at 7pm in Ottawa at the Canadian Tire Center! 

Must be Canadian 18+ and a resident of Ottawa or willing to travel to the show. One entry per household. 

Posted on behalf of Evenko. Tickets to this events opening night were provided for promotional purposes. Prize sponsored by Evenko. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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  1. I like Pteradon! (Dinosaur Train may have swayed me)

  2. I like triceratops because I like Cera from Land Before Time haha

  3. My favourite is the iguanodon because I love iguanas and it was a lizard type dinosaur. I also like the iguanodon because it inspired the creation of Godzilla.

  4. We're big T-Rex fans around here. My family would love to see this. Thanks for hosting.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  5. My daughter loves a nice big triceratops!


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