Autumn is in the air, our temperature went from a late summer heat wave to a chillier fall weather. We've already turned back on the heat and broken out the sweaters and warm woolly socks! I think we can safely say summer is officially over!

Part of staying healthy aside from good diet, sleep and exercise is providing your body with the proper vitamins and nutrients it needs to excel and boost your immune system to fight off any potential illnesses like colds and flu's. I've been working on all of the above for myself and my entire family.

The kids are back in school and although we can't always monitor what they eat (or don't eat) during the hours they are away, we can start off their day with a balanced breakfast including Orange Naturals ND shakes for kids and send them off for the day with a healthy lunch. 

Orange Naturals offers a variety of tinctures to help the whole family, as I've mentioned before. One of my favourite go-to remedies for myself is Oil of Oregano. It may not taste very good on its own but it has so many benefits like acting as an antioxidant to help rid off the beginning of cold and flu symptoms. You can also use it topically for skin problems or if you have a sore tooth and can't get to the dentist right away, it can help prevent and cure infection.

With the cooler temperatures I'm feeling it in my bones with my arthritis. To help keep from ceasing up I have to keep active but some days are harder than others. I did some research and found Devil's Claw tincture is known to aid arthritic pain and flair ups. I have tried it several times and I can assure you, it works. It helps me get on with my day with less pain and tightness. I was happy to see Orange Naturals carries Devil's Claw which is now part of my Orange Naturals homeopathic remedies collection.

For the kids I am happy to have Orange Naturals cough + cold for kids on hand, it works like a charm without any side effects like drowsiness or things other over the counter cough medicines are known for.

With Orange Naturals products I have peace of mind knowing that if I have any questions, my answer is just a click away on the Orange Naturals website. Or I can simply head over to the #ONatural blog and read up on the latest articles about keeping my family healthy during the fall cold and flu season.

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Orange Naturals is great for my family but make sure you always do your research and talk to a health care professional before replacing any prescribed medications with homeopathic remedies. 

Posted in participation with Orange Naturals #ONatural ambassadorship. Compensation and product are provided. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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  1. I tried the Oil of Oregano and was really pleased with how quickly it knocked the cold. You're right though, it's not tasty. But it works!

  2. I love how quickly Oil of Oregano works on sore throats! Great post, fellow #ONatural Mom!


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