When I was growing up, blue jeans were all the hype. I remember my mom would rarely buy me jeans, they were expensive. So when we had jeans they were THE thing to wear with just about anything from tank tops to tshirts and sweaters. Over the years they became people's every day and therefore less costly if you want to buy them. 

I still wear jeans, sometimes. I like the look of them and you can find some comfy ones. My daughter, who is an official Tween by the way, would beg to differ. She cannot stand jeans. She always finds an excuse for every pair we try to introduce to her, all coming down to one thing - being a more athletic girl, she's just uncomfortable in them. 

We all know we are happier when we are comfortable, so she decided that her ultimate, go-to clothing is stretchy pants or with the right long top she also wears leggings. She has several different pair in different colours, some with patterns. She pairs them with a longer top, long t-shirts, dresses or whatever else she is in the mood for. She can wear them with cute flats or running shoes, casual or more dressy. They are a practical item to have in her closet, I can agree on that!

Chuck Beaty (former Lululemon designer), has a niece who has the same passion for leggings as my little girl. Outgrowing toddler sized ones her uncle had made her, he created a pair just for her including her name printed on the waste band. Soon, her friends and their moms were asking about her famous personalized leggings and Twiga clothing was born. 

Twiga specializes in personalized athletic wear for both girls and women! You can choose from long leggings, crop leggings, shorts, tops and accessories all personalized with your name, team name, school name or whatever you want on it! 

Chuck was kind enough to send along a mom & daughter matching legging set. My daughter wanted her name on hers and mine appropriately, my twitter handle! 

Twiga leggings are made from 88% nylon and 12% Lycra Spandex to give you ultimate comfort and stretch where you need it. Excellent for those athletic types who play sports, participate in cheer leading or those of us like me who just want something comfortable for our home workout.

Twiga leggings come in different colours with different waistband styles, completely customizable. Check out the Twiga Clothing website to find the perfect legging for your tween (or you!).

When K wore her pair of Twiga leggings to school, she had students and teachers alike asking her where she got them and she introduced them to Twiga clothing! After wearing them myself a few times to do my daily exercise, compared to the stretchy pants/leggings I usually wear - these are my favourites right now. Definitely check them out if you are looking for fun, quality activewear for you and your girls! :) 

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Posted on behalf of Twiga Clothing. Complimentary product received for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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  2. These leggings are cute! I have two daughters and they love each other, they have always liked wearing same clothes. I can buy these and gift them on Christmas. I am sure they are going to love it. Also, it will be very comfortable for them while playing or bicycling. This is a very nice post.


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