Back to School season is nothing new to our family but it doesn't make it any less exciting (and nerve racking). I surprisingly didn't have that hard a time sleeping as I thought and I was able to get up easier than I anticipated. Maybe my internal clock knows its time to go back to routine. Either way we were up and at em before 6:30 which I can say is a time record for these kids considering the relaxed summer they just had. 

They started the day with a good breakfast, picked out and got dressed in their favourite new school clothes. It was turning out to be a good day! 

The kids were as prepared as they could be with their new school supplies tucked neatly into their bags. I prepared their lunches the night before, a ritual I started ever since our oldest began school. It just makes things run smoother when all they have to do is open the fridge and put their lunches in their bags before taking off for the day. 

The weather was good, warm with no rain but it was cloudy. The kids were as rested as expected, tired but enthusiastic about returning to school. We left five minutes early to avoid rushing for the bus. Nothing was forgotten at home before getting on the bus and there were absolutely no tears! I call this a first day back morning success!

Returning home was another story, the kids have a brand new bus driver this year who is still learning the route. They were over 15 minutes late dropping off but being it the first day and the weather was nice it wasn't that big a deal. It did make me double check the bus route and stops though. You know, just to make sure.

When they finally got off the bus and came through the front door they were talking each a mile a minute. Hard to catch everybodys story at once but overall they both had a pretty good first day at school, they both liked their lunches and they both like their new teachers so far. 

Despite the after school bus scare we all survived the first day back. Now, on with the rest of the school year! :) 

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