My oldest daughter absolutely loves Monster High™. She has been a fan for about three years now. She has quite the collection of Monster High™ stuff including dolls, accessories, playsets and even the famous Monster High™ high school. It doesn't end there. She even has all of the movies. 

If you aren't familiar, Monster High™ is a line of dolls by Mattel who inspire girls to be unique by empowering them to embrace their imperfections and express their individuality. It’s a school that creates a world where freaky flaws are celebrated and allows girls to be their authentic self. "Be yourself, be unique, be a monster!". The characters are teens based on known monsters like Dracula, Werewolf, Zombies and more. Each with a unique look and personality to bring to the freakiest cool school around. 

Miss K was excited to tell us that the newest DvD, Monster High™ Freaky Fusion, was being released this month on September 30th. Just in time for Halloween. 

I was even more excited to tell her that we get to host a special Monster High™ Freaky Fusion pre-release viewing party at our house, friends welcome! Which means she gets a copy before it hits store, to add to her collection! 

We arranged our livingroom to be as freaky cool as it could be with our handy Monster High™ table cloth (we saved it from K's birthday party in the summer) and some Monster High™ themed cupcakes to munch on during the movie plus the kids had a chance to colour their very own Monster High™ purses! Even some of the gang came to watch this special premiere!

In this latest dvd, Monster High™ Freaky Fusion, "Two ghouls are better than one” is the main message. Teamwork, helping each other, the power of friendship, self-expression, individuality, and accepting others are the key messages that are conveyed throughout the movie.

Any Monster High™ fan is always entranced when watching a movie, it was no different for Freaky Fusion. The kids were glued to the movie, chatting between about what was going on. They really enjoyed the new characters, "hybrid" Monster High™!

We won't tell you what happened exactly but the Monster High™ gang gets themselves into ghoulish trouble once again.

You'll want to add Monster High™ Freaky Fusion to your little ghoules DVD collection! For more information about Monster High™ please visit the website.

If you aren't a fan already, why not subscribe to the Monster High™ YouTube channel! You can check out all the latest webisodes and videos plus more! You can also catch @MonsterHigh on Twitter! 

Follow along hashtag #MHFreakyFusion to talk all things freaky cool about the new movie! 

Posted in participation with Mom Central Canada's Mattel Monster High™ Blogger Campaign. Party goodies, DVD and compensation were provided to facilitate this post. Opinions and comments on this blog are honest and those of the author.  

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