Games never disappoint when the kids are looking for something to do on an otherwise boring day at home. We have a cabinet filled with dozens of different games. My favourite kinds are games which are both fun and help with learning while the kids are more concerned about the "fun factor".

We always tell them not to play with their food but Fisher-Price has revamped an old favourite game with an all-new S'getti Scatter! A game where kids literally get to play with their spaghetti - sort of. We didn't have this game growing up nor did my kids have it, so it's new to us! Something fun and different to add to the game collection.  

Learning and play go hand-in-hand! Your meatballs are on a roll with S'getti Scatter! The object of the game is to take turns removing each of the 16 strands of S'getti without letting any of the three meatballs fall out of the wobbling dish! Spill the meatballs and you lose! The last one left without spilling the meatballs at the end of the game, wins!

The game has two difficulty levels to accommodate as your child gets older and makes for an afternoon of giggles and fun for your little ones. 

Just under $20, Fisher Price S'getti Scatter makes a great additional gift for little kids on your holiday list!

For more information about this and other fun and innovative toys please visit the official TCG Toys website. TCG (The Canadian Group) pride themselves on bringing families quality puzzles, games and toys that result in real quality time together. 

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Posted by AME on behalf of TCG Toys. Product received for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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