Since becoming a mother, I have always tried to encourage my kids to always try something once. If you are scared, jump into your fear and just do it. The worst that will happen is that it won't work out and you move on to the next thing. That is how I think in the real world and that is how I want them to think. 

I want them to know that they are as capable as doing anything as anybody else, they each have strengths and weaknesses like everybody else. They are each good at something unique just like everybody else.

My oldest daughter has never shied away from trying something new. She always comes to me if she is unsure and it helps when I reassure her that it doesn't hurt to try. Last year she made herself (and her parents) proud by signing up for the school talent show and also the girls dance club. She felt good about herself when she was accepted into both even though she said she would have been fine if she hadn't been. There were a lot of students who signed up. 

She is in grade 5 this year and excited to be one of the bigger kids. She kept talking about the PALS programme. I kind of understood what she was talking about. It sounded like kids helping kids at school, like a mentoring program. One evening when I was tidying up the kitchen I came across the school news letter. I usually skim through it. I know, bad mom. I decided to skim through it again and came across this little paragraph:

I had a big smile when I found it and the next day told my daughter I was proud of her for making it into the PALS programme. She said at first she thought she wouldn't enjoy being around the little kids but she thought again. She said she thought of how she helps her little brother and sister, she teaches them games and plays with them. She thought it would be a great idea to sign up and help kids at school too. 

She said there were a lot of students who signed up this year and they were only picking 26 out of both grades 5 and 6. The teacher in charge of sign up even told her that if she isn't picked it's only because so many sign ups so needless to say she was tickled pink when she found out. 

She likes to lead, she likes to be part of a community and she likes to help. She always has and I am so proud that she is able to share that side of herself at this age. Every girl should grow up with strong self confidence, it's just up to us parents to help give them those little boosts they need. I'm hoping it stays with her well into her adult years. 

With three smart and beautiful kids, I have many proud mama moments and this is definitely one of them! 

Have you had a proud mommy moment lately? Share your story in the comments below!

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  1. This is awesome! Sounds like you have a real contributing society member there - my #1 goal in raising my kids. :)


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