I don't mind the fall season, even though I could do without the change in temperature. Falling leaves  decorate our neighbourhood yards, sidewalks and streets. The crispness of autumn has us sporting our sweaters and jackets. The only thing I hate about fall besides the fact that it's a sign that winter is coming soon, is that it's also cold and flu time at our house.

It is as if as soon as summer vacation ends, the sick season begins. I think I've said this before in a previous post. You can't even call it "cold and flu" season anymore because there are so many different types of viruses and illnesses flying around. We can only teach so many sanitary precautions to our kids - wash your hands, often. Use hand sanitizer when you are in a public place and for the love of god don't touch the rails! Twice my son has come home recently complaining about the lack of soap in the boys bathroom at school and how all the hand sanitizer machines are usually empty. Yikes, makes me want to break out the anti-bacterial cleaning solutions. 

Call me a germaphobe but you become this way when you think you've beaten whatever that's attacking, only to have someone else with a runny nose or an unusual cough. We (meaning all five of us) have been in rotation, taking turns being sick. I think we had a whole week when everyone was feeling better only to have it come back. 

We have our cold and flu remedies, there is no cure and only so much you can do. As the old saying goes "feed a cold, starve the flu". Kind of sad sounding but that being said, the go-to when you're sick food in our house is soup. Homemade soup, not the canned kind (although I do use it and I love cooking with it often). It's easy to create just about any soup you want not to mention the vast library of recipes you can find online to try. I personally enjoy cooking yummy, healthy food for my family. It's food from the heart that warms the soul! 

When it comes to actually making it I have to keep the kids in mind. They can be picky with food, especially sick so I try to stick to recognizable vegetables and ingredients. Call it "kid friendly" soup but at least I know everyone will eat it. 

I usually use recipes when I cook but when I make things like soup I wing it with what I was taught growing up. I go with the basic veggies - celery, onion, carrots, tomatoes, peppers etc. 

With Thanksgiving not long ago I had put some freezer Turkey aside specifically for soups and the like. Nothing like hot turkey soup on a rainy day! Add in some favourite spices, salt and pepper or whatever you like - it doesn't take much to make something taste good!

My main problem with things like soups or sauces is constantly making way too much. I guess it would help if I didn't eye-ball the ingredients and cook it to taste. Hubby is worse when he makes his soup though. The last time I let him cook his "famous" tomato vegetable soup, he made enough to have soup for five for a week plus give some to his buddy.

This time I made enough for one night of left overs and froze two containers. It turned out really good, if the kids complain I know I screwed it up somewhere but hey we got two thumbs up and they wanted seconds. 

What's your favourite "go-to" food when you are sick? Leave a comment below and have your say! 

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