When it comes to creating beautiful wall art in our homes using our favourite family photos, we all start off with good intentions. With these good intentions we vision these beautifully put together memories to forever hold a place in our hearts and in our homes. Memories framed in time. Memories we can share with loved ones when they come to visit, memories we can just sit and reminisce about the times when our families were just growing. 

Unfortunately these good intentions can be put on the back burner as quickly as they are thought up because we become overwhelmed or don't have enough time in our day, life can get busy!

I have always wanted to create a wall mural in my living room with different ages and stages of the kids growing up. I have never actually attempted this but after watching the video below I definitely have some new ideas!

In this story, Alex (loving wife & mom of 2, founder of Clippo) began creating a lovely wall gallery for her family photos but found herself always frustrated about getting it done. There are so many things to consider when you're working on a project like this to how many and what size frames you need, what photos to choose and how to place them. It can be overwhelming for sure. 

Alex was in for a surprise when her husband teamed up with City TV's own DIY designer, Leigh Ann Allaire Perrault and Canon to learn exactly how he could help Alex complete her masterpiece quickly and easily using the Canon PIXMA PRO printer!

They send her off on a special anniversary spa day to come home to a real surprise she was never even expecting. The outcome is amazing and the reactions, priceless. 

Check out their heartwarming story below and learn some tips on how you can make creative and beautiful wall art out of your own favourite family photos! 

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  1. How awesome is that?! A spa day while someone finishes a project like that for you- amazing!

  2. Not sure if my comment showed but, I would love to have Leigh-Ann come to my house. I am in desperate need of some time off and have my house get all pretty ;)

  3. I totally cried watching that video of Alex. I am a sap anyway. I do love the finished product and I would love to do that here!

  4. Oooooh, this is great! :) I haven't put many of my own pictures up on the walls but I do have some that I'd like to. Creating a gallery would be fun. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ok, this looks so easy! for someone else! lol I've always wanted to do a mural of our photos .. maybe this is one way I'll try!


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