November is the month I begin longing for those warm summer days. It's so crisp and chilly in the early mornings when I'm bringing my kids to the bus stop. I sometimes bring my coffee to help fend of the morning chill. 

In our house we have our heat on. Our furnace was lit up as soon as the temperature dropped. We live in an older house with bad insulation on the windows so it tends to get cold quickly. I for one do not like cold feet that's for sure. 

As a parent, I not only want to make sure my family is warm this winter but also safe. There are so many stories of house fires or worse, carbon monoxide poisoning. Two scary dangers that can be prevented with proper precausions.

With families firing up the furnace like us, Duracell and First Alert have teamed up to share critical carbon monoxide tips to help keep families like yours and mine safe during the colder months. 

1) Have a professional check your furnace, appliances and ensure your chimney is cleaned properly.
2) Install at least one carbon monoxide alarm with an audible warning signal close to the sleeping area in your home. Have at least one alarm on each level of your home. 
3) During a power outage, if you use a generator make sure to do so in a well ventialed area. 
4) Use the fall-back time change as a reminder to change the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Duracell batteries are recommended as they last long enough to only need changing during the seasonal time changes.

5) It seems like a good idea to warm up the car before leaving on a cold morning. Do not leave your car running in the garage. It's dangerous for carbon monoxide, even with the garage door open.

Installing the proper alarms and following these great tips, I'm sure we will all be off to a happy, safe and warm winter! :)  
For more CO prevention tips be sure to visit the First Alert website. You can find Duracell 9V batteries (used in smoke and CO detectors) at  your local retailer for around $7.99. 

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