It's not very often we see real photos these days. Everything is digital with our iphones and cameras, saved on hard drives and usb chips. I used to love using photo albums. I would always keep the most precious photos to me in my albums and look at them from time to time. I wish I still had those albums all these years later. 

Now my albums consist of what I have saved (plus copies) on hard drives, uploaded to facebook and on my phone. I sometimes print out favourites to hang on the fridge or frame but I miss real photo albums. 

My mother in law came by and brought us an envelope of old photos, real photos. Ones she had collected over the years, a mix of hubbys childhood memories, loved ones and some of us as a young couple before we were parents. 

It's not often we sit down together and really look at old photos. I don't think I have very many from my childhood although I know both my mom and dad each have copies. I should ask to borrow them and scan them sometime. 

Looking at these old photos brought back memories, seeing photos of my first pregnancy, photos of our oldest daughter again when she was newborn. She's 10 now. Photos of my parents in law and sister in law and her family when everyone was much younger. Our kids are all babies in those pictures, now half are tweens and teens. 

It makes you realize how quickly time flies and how precious each moment is. Life is too short to let the little things get in the way of what matters most and that to me is family. 

Posted by AME. Photo and thoughts are those of the author. 

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