"Oh Canada, our home and native land..." was heard round the world two weeks ago when our nations capital, Ottawa was under attack. Some people snickered and sneered at our use of the word attack but to me (and many I'm sure), any means to cause harm to fellow human beings using utmost violence, is an attack, period. 

A brave soul who was simply doing his job, lost his life on Wednesday, October 22nd. A brave soul who was simply doing his job, gunned down the assailant - they are both heroes in the eyes of many. That day brought our country together, it may have felt like it made us weaker but it has made us stronger as a nation amidst the hate. This is just one of many events in our Canadian history that tells the tragic story of true heroes.

Today is remembrance day. A day to honour and reflect upon those who have given their lives and to those who give their lives every day to keep our Canada safe. Without them, what kind of country could we be living in. We would not be the true north strong and free without them. 

Today, take a moment and put your heads down. Thank every soldier with your hearts and souls. Say a prayer for their families who survive them. Wear your poppy and remember that because of them, we are Canada strong.

Posted by AME in honour of Remembrance Day. Opinions and comments are those of the author. Image courtesy of morguefile.

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