My kids have grown up in a technological age, I'm sure you can relate. Everything is remote, accessible at their finger tips. Everything is advanced compared to what we grew up with as kids. I remember my first console being a Nintendo, the original back in 1989. Wow, make myself feel old. 

Fast forward to 2014 and we have a gadget for everything from learning to productivity to entertainment and more. Kids want to be just like mom or dad. They want to experience the joys of using today's technology but there is a big problem - tablets can be expensive, they are usually too advanced for younger children to use with ease and it always leaves mom or dad with that gut fear of them somehow breaking it. Even with an ultra-case trying to protect it. Trust me, we have been down that road before with our kids. 

The VTech Innotab Max is every parent of techy kids dream come true. Have a little one who always reaches for your iPad? Well reach no more, now he or she can have her own tablet. It's made just for them with special learning apps, no worries about them accidentally streaming unwanted videos and the like.

Its the fastest 7" kids tablet that gives kids the best of both worlds of fun and learning. There are different apps for different ages and stages! Over 500 Educator-Supported Android Apps which feature some of your child's favourite characters from Disney to Dora, Ninja Turtles to Sponge Bob and many, many more. You can also buy Innotab learning cartridges to add to your child's collection. There are some apps and games you have to purchase but they do have a great library of free ones too.

It's easy to set up by simply charging your new Innotab and pressing the power button. There is a step-by-step guide as you go through the process of registering the device, signing up for Kids Connect (as a parent) and creating your little ones profile(s). 

Although it does connect to your home wifi, the Vtech Innotab Max features kid-friendly wifi allowing safe browsing. With Vtech Kid connect, your little one can send text messages, voice messages, drawings and fun pictures between Innotab Max's and smart phones - how cool is that! You don't have to worry about them having access to things on the internet that they shouldn't. 

Kids will have endless fun with 8GB of memory - expandable up to 40GB with a 32GB memory card. Inside it's got a 1.2GHz processor and runs Android 4.2.2 OS making it pretty close to what you get from a grown up tablet. 

The Vtech Innotab Max is made for smaller hands and has a durable, removable case for wipe downs or if your kid wants a more "grown up" feeling tablet. 

No batteries required in the Vtech Innotab Max - I LOVE this feature! Just plug in the included AC adaptor in the wall and voila! It charges just like any other device that has a non-removable battery. 

As a parent of kids who are all about gadgets I am happy this is the type of device that helps both learning and entertaining plus it grows with my kid! We originally got this with our six year old son in mind but his older sister who is 10 likes it just as much. With the best of all worlds in one kid-friendly device, I can say that this just may be my kids (and my) favourite new device this holiday season!

For more information about Vtech and the Innotab Max please visit www.vtechkids.ca

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Posted on behalf of Vtech Canada. Complimentary product provided. Opinions and comments on this blog are honest and those of the author. 

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