With Christmas comes the historical story of saint Nicolas aka Santa Claus. The jolly old man who rides around the world in one night magically bringing presents to deserving children everywhere!

I have always played the whole Santa role with the kids. It's fun and I find it adds a special magic to the holiday season. They get so excited and full of curiosity wondering how this guy can pull it off all in one night and every year they get almost exactly what they asked for, magical! They only believe in the Santa who brings presents though. They know the mall Santa's, the charity Santa's and the Santa's in the movies are all dressed up. 

It starts when they start to understand the concept of Christmas and that decorations are not for eating. Us parents get a good ten years if we are lucky  before that dreaded time comes when our kids are growing up and they ask us if the whole thing is just one big fat fantasy. 

"Mommy, is Santa really real?" asks my ten year old girl. "My friends say it's the parents, I know you buy me gifts too but does Santa really exist??". Taking a deep breath and thinking quickly, I answered her question with a question. 

"What do you think about Santa?". I was expecting her to explain exactly how it is - mom and dad lied to her and the whole thing is a bust. I remember finding out young enough. I had an older brother who had friends and I had friends who had older siblings, you know how it goes. I don't remember being angry with my parents, I don't even think I cared much after I found out and still Christmas has always been my favourite holiday.

I'm happy my girl is like me. She wasn't angry at all. She said "I know you and dad buy our gifts but Santa is the spirit of Christmas he's what makes it magical." 

She's right. It's not about who gives you what, it's about thinking of others and making the holiday season as magical as it can be through the love of others. She didn't ask any more than that. She's ten and she's smart. She knows deep down inside there is no Santa (did I just say that??) but she won't admit it. She knows how special it feels to really believe when you're little.

Not believing in Santa anymore is leaving part of your childhood behind (it also means my kids are getting older!) and at ten years old I think she has every right to want to hold onto that one moment during the year that's special, that one moment to her that is the magic of Santa.

At what age did your kids start questioning the whole Santa story? How did you answer? Share your experience in the comments below, you  know I love to chat! :) 

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  1. so far we are safe....my oldest is 7.5 and the only thing he has asked is how santa makes it around the whole world in one evening

  2. Oh my goodness, my son is ten and we are starting to go through this! He states he believes but says it in a way that I know he doesn't believe us. We are still trying to teach them that Santa only comes if we believe in him. Not ready for him to grow up!

    1. Exactly! Why not? I don't remember being mad at my mom for playing Santa. She still writes "From Santa" on my gifts and we just have a good laugh! :)

  3. My students (grade 3) were just asking me the other day if Santa is real. I told them that I believe and they were happy with that answer. I hope my kids believe for years to come. I love the idea of santa.

    1. The idea of Santa is great it brings so much magic to a childhood. The world is a hard enough place in real life why not give our kids a little bit of magic! :)

  4. I have a 3 year old so there is still time. I found out accidentally when I was only 8 and I remember being so saddened by it. I know my parents we're regretful that I found out too soon. I'm like your daughter - I want to hang on to the magic of Santa for as long as possible. I'm going to try to keep with the tradition for as long as I can with my daughter. We love the idea of Santa. There is such a beautiful innocence to it.

  5. True story: When my brother was entering high school my Mom decided to break the news to him because she didn't want him to get made fun of! Apparently he claimed he already knew....


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