Happy November everyone! Halloween has come and gone, we had a blast taking the kids out trick-or-treating!

At first, K wanted to go as a sorceress. She changed her mind the week before Halloween and wanted to be a zombie. I managed to find an old, ugly long night gown and turned it into a zombie dress with a little paint for "blood and gore" effect. We got creative and did her hair with lots of hair spray and tossed in some leaves. We did her makeup to look as dead as we could. She was happy and I think she looked great! 

The boy was proud to be Batman all evening. During our outing he said to his sister "I'm not your brother, don't call me that! I'm Batman!". His costume as well as little M's were basic "dress up" costumes with no extras or makeup required. 

I decided last minute to dress up as a "biker chick". Hubby has a Sons of Anarchy hoodie so I wore that with black jeans and boots. I curled my hair and loaded on the makeup, topping the look of with really red lipstick.

We did a couple of blocks with the kids but didn't stay out too long because it was getting kind of cold. 

I helped Little M do a few houses, her first year going to actually get candy. I love that she is old enough to understand the concept although it only took a couple of houses before she called it quits and fell asleep in the stroller.

The kids didn't get a whole lot of candy and I am proud of them for not being disappointed. Because to me, Halloween is about more than just candy. It's a time we get to spend with our kids while they are still young. A time to make the memories we are going to reminisce about when they are older. 

They love dressing up and going out on the town, tons of candy or not. Combined they got enough to fill a large shopping bag and that is good enough for them. Not like the candy will be around very long anyway.

We hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween with your family! 

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