December is here and we all know that Christmas is just around the corner! I can't wait, I am almost as excited as the kids. What can I say, I love giving gifts and seeing people smile, especially my kids. 

Part of our tradition as I have mentioned before is including Kinder Surprise in our Christmas festivities. They make a great addition to the holiday stocking and there are also other new ways we can celebrate the holidays with Kinder Surprise, beyond just stocking stuffers.

Kick off the holiday season and start a new kind of tradition with a Kinder Surprise advent calendar and count down the days to Christmas with a delicious chocolate treat every day! 

For the "hard to buy for", why not a Kinder Surprise? They come in more options than just eggs like the hollow Santa, 100g egg and Maxi Kinder Surprise eggs! You'd be surprised to see the kid inside come right out opening up a Kinder Surprise of any size. 

Nieces and nephews? No problem! Give them each a Kinder Surprise tree or train which contains three Kinder Surprise eggs.

For younger ones who may not be old enough to have the toy inside the Kinder Surprise there are always Kinder Mix which includes a mix of Kinder treats and a plush. My kids have some lambs they received one year for Easter. They're soft and so cute! 

Instead of only baked treats to munch on, why not offer your holiday guests a Kinder treat with mini eggs. Place a bunch in a festive bowl or decorative basket and your guests can help themselves. Just keep an eye on the little ones who may help themselves a little too much! They're so good! 

If you are unlucky and happen to break a Kinder Surprise on the way home somehow, don't worry! You can always eat the pieces and check out the toy yourself OR you could make some yummy treats with the broken parts. Melt it down for a chocolate treat like hot chocolate or you can break it up smaller and substitute chocolate chips in your holiday baking.

Give the gift of #KinderSmiles, no matter how you celebrate the holidays! Visit the Kinder Canada Facebook page and follow @KinderCanada on Twitter for the latest news and fun contests!

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